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Watch: Customer Captures Video of Alleged Amazon Driver Stealing Their Packages

Having a package lifted off of your porch is a common fear for anyone who’s ever ordered anything online. Several e-commerce and even food delivery apps feature GPS-style tracking to keep customers aware of where and when packages will arrive — but even those precautions aren’t a guarantee.

Our most common worries usually occur begin once the delivery driver has driven away, leaving your package vulnerable. Many consumers have taken to installing cameras on their porches in order to catch thieves red-handed. But what happens when that thief is the driver that dropped off the package?

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A local news station received footage of a person wearing an Amazon-branded delivery vest taking a package off their porch while in the process of delivering another. The package contained a check that was meant for their local handyman — one that the alleged Amazon driver was somehow able to cash.

“I called customer service. They said, Oh, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience and we’re transferring this to our shipping department. But aside from this, that’s it,” the owner of the home told local news reporters. Social media accounts and videos of supposed Amazon drivers stealing packages pop up fairly regularly, but whether or not Amazon has investigated this kind of theft internally is unknown.

In many instances, no Amazon truck is seen on the premises. But surely an Amazon-branded safety vest should be a solid indicator that these thieves are Amazon employees or subcontractors, right? Not necessarily. After all, anyone can buy one of those vests… on Amazon. If it’s any consolation, the vests aren’t eligible for Prime shipping.

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