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Watch: Billionaire Investor Reveals A Technology Bigger Than the Internet

Something that everyone — from investors to scientists, to educators, to politicians — seems to agree on is that artificial intelligence, for good or bad, is one of the most disruptive technological forces ever seen. 

Though AI has been around for a while, ChatGPT’s launch in November turned the technology into an explosive, game-changing industry. Jobs have been lost, regulations have been explored and stocks have shot up. 

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“This is bigger than the internet itself,” billionaire investor Brad Gerstner told CNBC, referring to AI as “one of the most significant technology disruptions of our lifetime.” 

Gerstner, who is the founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital, added that the shift into this rising age of AI is one that could hurt many companies, including Google  (GOOGL) – Get Free Report

“My concerns about Google were simply that, for 20 years, Google owned the verve for search and discovery. We Googled things,” he said. “Now, the verve for search and discovery in the age of AI has become ChatGPT. The thing that generates 100% of their profits today is being disrupted in a major way.”

Gerstner explained that investors, whether they be professionals or amateurs, should be looking now to identify which companies could benefit from the shift into AI, and which companies will be hurt by it. 

“This is not a fad. AI is not a fad,” he said. “Every enterprise is going to have to re-architect around it.”

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