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Watch: Asiana Airlines Passenger Terrifies Travelers With a Mid-Flight Stunt

An Asiana Airlines flight nearly turned disastrous after a horrifying move by a passenger.

A domestic flight carrying 194 passengers from Jeju to Daegu was forced into an emergency landing on Friday afternoon local time after a passenger opened an emergency door while the aircraft was still in flight, according to South Korean news outlet Cho Sun.

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There were no casualties, but nine people were reportedly brought to the hospital due to symptoms of breathing difficulties, dizziness and anxiety. Eight of them were children in elementary or middle school.

A video posted by Reddit user ‘Sinhag’ shows the opened emergency door of the Asian Airlines flight with strong winds blowing into the aircraft.

View the original article to see embedded media.

The flight was only three minutes away from landing at the airport in Daegu when the passenger, who was not named but identified as a 33-year-old male, opened the emergency door. Because he was seated by the door, he was able to pull the lever and open the door without getting out of his seat.

Because the aircraft was set to arrive, the cabin crew was also seated with their seatbelts fastened once the door was yanked open. The flight was reportedly in the air for eight minutes before landing safely at Daegu airport.

Daegu Dongbu Police immediately arrested the passenger who opened the door upon arrival at the airport for violating the ‘Aviation Security Act.’ The suspect has not revealed his motive — but a Daegu police official confirmed that he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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