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Samsung’s Lightweight Jet 75 Cordless Vacuum Is at the Lowest Price Ever

A great cordless vacuum pairs extreme power to tackle any surface in a lightweight build that you can easily maneuver around a room and your entire home. That particular pairing of features makes for a universally excellent cleaning tool that, after a run, can leave your home refreshed.

You also don’t need to break the bank by getting your first or upgrading an aging unit. Right now, at Amazon, you can score Samsung’s Jet 75 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for over $100 off. Specifically, this powerful unit is $150 off at $249 and eligible for free Prime shipping.

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Samsung Jet 75 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner ($249, originally $399 at Amazon)


Like most cordless vacuums, the Jet 75 Pet keeps the motor and canister up top with the main tube and swivel head on the bottom. It weighs just six pounds, so you can easily maneuver this around to get to the corners of a room and under furniture. You can swap the main tube for a shorter one to use the Jet 75 Pet like a compact dustbuster unit.

Along with the swivel “Turbo Brush” head that comes pre-installed out of the box, Samsung also includes a mini-motorized tool designed to pick up pet hair easily. This alone makes this unit ideal for pet owners as this can really help tackle caked-in hair or dust. You also get a long-reach crevice tool.

Regardless of the brush head being used, you have several modes to choose from that use the motor up to 200-AW of power. Via the screen at the top of the Jet 75 Pet, you can pick between min, mid, max, and jet. The latter gives you the most power and works on any surface. In fact, the Jet 75 Pet works on hard surfaces like wood, laminate, and tile, along with all types of carpet.

When the Jet 75 Pet is running, everything it pulls in goes through 5-layer filtration so that it doesn’t push dust or other microparticles back into your space. Samsung notes that this system can trap 99.9% of microdust. All the dust and trash gets held in a 0.8-liter canister that can be quickly emptied and fully washable. This way, you can clean after a few runs and get it up to snuff.

Best of all, you can get up to a full hour of use from a full charge on the early refueled and removable battery. Included as well is a charger that can be wall mounted to easily store your Jet 75 Pet vacuum.

One Amazon customer who left a five-star review noted that it can clear a 1,000 square-foot home on one charge and that “it’s easier to keep my house clean with this- we have 3 dogs.”

At $150 off, the Jet 75 Pet delivers extreme value, and you get a bevy of accessories to get the most out of it. The miniature motorized head can be especially helpful for pet owners. You can get the Jet 75 Pet at Amazon for $249 right now at Amazon  (AMZN) – Get Free Report.

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