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One Intern’s Embarrassing Mistake Inspires Hilarious New Trend

There are some things in this life that unite all of humanity. Birth. Death. Taxes. And now, a “dear intern” story. Anyone who has ever worked has, at some point, made a bone-headed mistake. This week, an HBO intern accidentally sent out an empty test email to a chunk of subscribers — and when the company revealed the source of the mistake, the social media crowd swooped in.

But instead of giving the intern grief, #dearintern started trending on Twitter. An outpouring of support came in the form of stories from folks in all work fields sharing their silliest mistakes, most embarrassing reply-alls, and most tragic auto-corrects. 

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Beneath the hilarity of each goof-up shared is the reminder that we all make mistakes. In some cases, the stories serve as evidence that a bad day is only temporary — even if your coworkers still kind of associate you with Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Predictably, some of the best #dearintern moments came from spelling mistakes. Something about the re-readability of an accidental turn of phrase adds an extra layer of relatability.

Some are more embarrassing than others…

And nothing beats making a written error in front of 20,000 people.

For many, the accidental “reply all” situation is the stuff of nightmares. There are others of us who have been burned before — and #dearintern has many of those stories. Some of which actually teach a valuable lesson about speaking your mind.

But the best thing to come from the trend is the sense of fellowship expressed through mistakes. In an act of mass empathy, the internet united to do something nice for an intern.

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