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Jim Cramer Says He Is in ‘Awe’ of Tech Company’s Influential CEO

Nvidia and artificial intelligence have become the two components of Wall Street‘s latest love story. 

The chip-makers posted a double earnings beat May 24, going on to forecast a record revenue of $11 billion for its current quarter. The surge, Nvidia  (NVDA) – Get Free Report said, is all due to a huge increase in demand for AI solutions. 

The company’s stock jumped 30% directly after the earnings call, opening May 26 at $378.90 per share, with a market cap that is steadily closing in on $1 trillion. 

And Jim Cramer is only the latest big investor to swoon over Nvidia’s powerful performance. 

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“This is just brilliance,” Cramer said of Nvidia’s results for the quarter. He added that the world’s current data center is made up of 5% of Nvidia’s GPU chips and 95% of CPU chips (the kind that power your PC). This ratio is going to flip, and it will “happen at a level of speed that is shocking people.”

Cramer praised Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s foresight in building up a significant inventory of GPU materials before the demand for them really took off. 

“What’s going to happen is, he told me, just imagine you have an iPhone 5. And suddenly the iPhone 14 comes out. None of the apps on the iPhone 14 work on the 5, so you have to upgrade. And this cycle is a 10-year period before everybody gets there,” Cramer said. “But because he had the foresight to have the GPUs now: six weeks.”

“I’m in awe of this man.”

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