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Famed Venture Capitalist Is Extremely Pessimistic About One Crucial Finance Topic

Wall Street has always been skeptical of the federal government — that is, until it’s time for a bailout — and the frustrations are boiling over when it comes to the debt ceiling debate. 

Bradley Tusk, founder of venture capital firm Tusk Ventures, took to CNBC Wednesday to share his frustrations with the process. 

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“I think the reason why frequently rational people in the markets, in tech, misunderstand government is because we still think in our heart of hearts that at the end of the day they want to do the right thing,” Tusk told CNBC Wednesday.

“We understand, McCarthy, you need these things politically, Biden/Schumer, you need these things politically, and at the last minute you’ll figure it all out and do the right thing. And that’s just not true.”

Tusk may be on to something when he suggests that politicians only care about getting reelected and the only election they really care about is their primary thanks to the magic of gerrymandered districts. 

But at the end of the day a deal that would keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debts is in everyone’s best interest. There is still a path for politicians to do the right thing, according to Tusk, but if they find that path it will likely be on accident. 

“They may make the right decision because it works for them politically,” Tusk said. 

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