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Elon Musk Reacts to a Verified Twitter User’s Clever Idea

Let’s be honest, being the leader of a major social media network and being fully visible on said network can be problematic. Particularly when that CEO is Elon Musk. But if the billionaire’s online presence has any benefit, it’s the ability to directly request the Twitter features you want to see implemented.

One user offered a specific suggestion that users could see in the company’s near future. “Let me tweet public tweets that can only be replied to by paid Twitter subscribers […] but read by everyone!” The user suggested that the feature would be  “useful to do public [ask-me-anythings or] AMAs where only [subscribers] can ask questions”.

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Musk, who has been very eager to incentivize Twitter’s paid features, tweeted back a response. “Good idea,” he said. Of course, Musk very recently announced plans to hand over Twitter’s reins to a brand new CEO, likely in response to concerns that his attention was too far split from the time and attention needed by his other projects, SpaceX and Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Free Report.

Still, an idea pitched to Elon Musk goes straight to the top. But the suggestion presents problems for some users, including those who are willing to pay for the service. Blue-check user Jessica Peebles questions Musk’s commitment to one of his favorite tenants — free speech.

“Please don’t do this. What happened to free speech? Or does it only apply to those with extra money to spend? This will create an online economic hierarchy that will mimic reality.”

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